CodeBot is really useful for rapid prototyping, in addition to helping create a rock-solid production release.

It's that stage right at the start of the project where you want to get things off to a flying start; so you optimise communication levels via UX prototyping, use case storyboarding, domain modeling etc, with all the right people in the room (or zoom call)...

The key is that you can generate working proof-of-concepts while this is going on, or in between UX workshops, and hone the requirements based on working software.

And this all ties back to a rigorous, domain-driven MBSE (model-based software engineering) model.

In that sense, CodeBot helps to put the "engineering" back in Software Engineering, while being about as agile as it gets :) — Articles on: Domain Driven Design, unit testing, TDD, DOT, software architecture, clean coding (and code cleaning)

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